Incense Palo Santo Ispalla
    Incense Palo Santo Ispalla

    Incense Palo Santo Ispalla

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    Palo Santo Ispalla Incense


    Incense from Palo Santo Ispalla.

    Box with 10 sticks of palo santo incense.

    Ispalla is the Peruvian brand of incense that, thanks to its 100% natural, ecological and artisan origin, allows lovers of spirituality and aromatherapy to connect with Mother Earth and her ancestral aromas.

    This line of incenses is characterized by offering quality products that enhance the aromas of Peruvian ecosystems, led by the hand of our communities of Inca origin.

    Unlike other Ispalla incenses, it is handmade, without chemical components to simulate or enhance odors.

    When you light one of these incenses, you will perceive the true aroma of the dry forests and spiritual woods of Peru.

    This incense can be part of rituals to avoid bad luck, bring luck and fortune into your life, and focus only on good vibes.

    It is advisable to start the day with one of these incense sticks.

    It is a very particular incense for its pulses that you will see from the moment you light it.

    These pulses are the same as the 100% pure resin produces when burned and make it an original and handmade incense.

    It is incense for rituals and ceremonies of spiritual cleansing, its aroma is very pleasant and you will notice it from the first moment.

    Ispalla does not cut down any trees, and is concerned about the Peruvian ecosystems because it collects the wood from fallen dead trees and collaborates in the planting of new trees to avoid deforestation and to thank the pachamama (mother earth) for the palo santo that it offers us and thus protect the cultivation of this sacred wood so beneficial.

    What is Palo Santo incense

    It is an incense made from the wood of the Palo Santo tree (Bursera Graveolens) with a very characteristic smell and that is widely used to clean bad energy and offer tranquility in the environment.

    If you were looking for where to buy palo santo incense you have come to the ideal place because this stick of incense is the same as palo santo and its smell is identical.

    Unlike other sticks of palo santo incense that smell different from the palo santo itself, this stick smells the same as if you were to burn palo santo with the convenience that it does not go out until the stick is finished.

    How to use Palo Santo incense

    To burn this Palo Santo incense you just have to light the incense stick at the end, wait for the flame to go out and see how a small ember remains and gives off a little smoke with a great aroma.

    You can take the incense stick and move it around the room to cleanse the energies of the whole room and when you finish you can leave the stick in an incense holder to finish burning.

    When the stick of palo santo incense finishes burning, it will extinguish itself.

    Remember to always burn incense under supervision to avoid greater evils.

    In the video below you can see how to burn Palo Santo incense:

    What is Palo Santo incense for?

    Palo Santo incense is used to:

    -Love, attracting the love of the couple or the family and even the friendships of the good people that we want to have around us and keep away the bad people who wish us evil and envy us simply because of their bad energies.

    -Meditate and relax. This incense calms people and helps them in their meditation sessions and their yoga session or simply in the moments when we are most nervous or restless helps us to relax and calm down.

    -To ward off bad spirits and bad energies, from Peru the shamans used Palo Santo for many years to ward off evil spirits that are not well received and the bad vibes that may be in the environment.

    -Attracting the abundance of good things, either to improve in some aspect that we do not have very well such as work or love can attract the good to us to go on the right path.

    If you have ever burned palo santo, leave us a comment below telling us what you think of its smell and how it has helped you in your life and with the energies that flow with it.

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