Find the bracelet with the 7 knots that you like the most.

The 7 knot bracelet is used as an amulet to protect against bad energies and attract good luck.

Each knot symbolizes a different spiritual dimension that flows into the wearer.

How to put the bracelet of the 7 knots?

The 7 knots bracelet is placed on the left wrist because the left part of the body is the receiving part of the energies in body and soul, helping to attract good energies and protecting from bad energies and the evil eye, since it is related to the side of the heart.

If you wish, you can also wear the 7 knots bracelet on the foot or ankle but remember that it must always be on the left foot.

The 7 knot bracelet should be worn until it falls off on its own.

The bracelet of the seven knots is considered a kind of amulet of protection against bad energies. Also, it must be used based on belief in order to actually work. It must be tied in the left hand since that is the side from which the body and soul receive all kinds of energy; and on this occasion, the most special ones are the protective energies.

Those who know its meaning not only wear it to decorate their body. While wearing it, it is vital to remain calm and handle everything that happens with positive thoughts. If you decide to use it, you have to avoid negative energies and avoid having unpleasant attitudes such as cursing people or externalizing tantrums by breaking things. What happens is that the bracelet is a guide to give and receive. Everything you do you will receive the same.

In Kabbalah there is a tradition that consists of winding a red thread seven times around the grave of Rachel, Jacob's wife.

This woman died giving birth to her second child and was buried in Israel, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Tradition explains that by winding this thread around the grave it was possible to receive mystical powers.

Rachel is like the representation of the physical world in which we all live; because the only thing she wanted was to protect her children from all evil.

Therefore, tying the red thread with the 7 knots on the wrist of the left arm is like wrapping and sealing Rachel's protective energy.

Additionally, you should not put the bracelet on yourself, you have to ask someone who only feels love for you and wishes you well.

It is a type of amulet that seeks to eliminate the negativity that comes to your life. It is ideal for sensitive or highly spiritual people.

The best advantage is that when using it you must remember not to send negative energy, not have negative thoughts, do not judge and be patient.

Why is it 7 knots?

The seven knots are the representation of different spiritual dimensions that make up all of your reality.

Carrying it in the left hand offers you spiritual immunization against the "evil eye" which is a damage transmitted by people consciously or unconsciously, and finally, red is related to a warning of danger.

It is a protective bracelet against all dangers.

Meaning of the 7 knots bracelet

Each color has a meaning and a purpose:

Red : protects against the evil eye.

Yellow : help in studies.

Orange : joy

Green : for health

Blue : against damage

Violet : spiritual freedom

White : fertility

Rosa : for love or against loneliness

Black : strength and power to receive protection.

Brown : abundance and prosperity.

Multicolor : for friendship.

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