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When are the honey candles lit?

Natural honey candles are lit on the 11th and 22nd of the month because a special energy is developed that opens up paths.

When you light it there is no need to recite any prayer because the candle itself will know what you need.

Sometimes you will have to say a prayer or do a ritual to make it clear to the honey candle that what you want you want very much.

Honey candles are ideal to open paths and make life easier by eliminating bad energies.

Meaning of honey candles

Honey candles carry with them the elixir of love, creativity, longevity and passion.

In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that honey came from the tears of the god Ra, that caused it to be used as an offering.

For the Greeks it was the elixir of longevity, for the Romans it was the muse of creativity.

L os Hindus was the potentiating of passion.

And for the Celts, honey wine (mead) was used for countless rituals and was attributed properties that favored and ensured a good marriage, such as fertility, love and devotion.  

As you can see, honey was already used by our ancestors to facilitate issues such as love, prosperity and health.  


Why use honey candles  

These candles have many uses in magic and sorcery.

On, for example, together with the photograph of a couple, it revitalizes their bonds, relationships and mutual love.

If you turn it on in a business, it attracts success and prosperity.

Light a honey candle if you want to help someone regain health.

Placed in a saucer with coins they help the economy and abundance.  

If you want to perform a ritual with honey candles, it is best that you do it between the 11th and 22nd of any month.

These days are the best as they are associated with strength and positive energy.

Therefore, during those days the connection with the divinity is stronger.  

If you want to make a request with honey candles, all you have to do is place 1, 3 or 7 candles on a plate and light them with wooden matches.

As you do so, say a prayer to the god or saint you want to invoke.

You can also ask the spirits or any other divinity.

Let them consume themselves.

When they are turned off, throw them in a stream of water, this will allow luck to flow in your life.  

Remember that only natural candles, such as honey candles, can be thrown into the sea, river or stream as they do not pollute because they are created by bees.

Do not do it with artificial candles because you would be damaging the environment and mother earth and that would take away the strength of your request.

Rituals with honey candles  

The act of lighting a candle implies a personal commitment to the changes to come.

These will require internal changes in you that you must assume if you want everything to be favorable to you.

In a ritual with honey candles you will work with light energies and opening portals so your intentions and objectives must be clear.

This will prevent any negative force from sneaking into your request.  

Never make requests of honey candles, alone or in a ritual, lightly.

Before asking for something you must be aware of being able to assume the consequences that will arise from your request.

You have to be clear about what you are asking for, why and be sure that you can deal with it.  

For example, if I do a ritual to get pregnant because I want a child and use honey candles and put all my faith in it, it may happen.

But if I don't have money, a job, or a family to help me with that child, I shouldn't ask for it because I can't face what it means to have a baby.  

Prepare the space where you are going to do the ritual with care and attention.

Choose a room where you feel comfortable and decorate it with altar-like objects that are representative for you.

Consecrate the space to your guides and to the beings of light that always accompany and protect you.  

Ritual to attract money  

The spell that you will find below is very useful if you need abundance and prosperity to come into your life.

It is a simple ritual for which you will need a honey candle.

If you don't have it, you can use a natural wax candle and honey color.

Spread it with honey diluted in water.

You will also need a plate, three mint leaves or three cinnamon sticks.

In addition to a handful of salt and wooden matches.  

For it to work you must do it with a lot of faith and thinking that it will work.

The first thing, imagine yourself with prosperity.

Visualize yourself having what you are going to ask for.

Enjoy the details, how you feel or who you are going to share it with.

Do not make your request from lack or fear.

Do it with the assurance that what you want is already in your life or is coming.  

The first thing you should do is place the candle on the plate and draw a circle of salt around it.

This will keep negative energies away.

Put on the plate, around the candle, the three mint leaves or the cinnamon.

Light the candle and loudly and firmly say:  

“I deny all appearance of scarcity.

It's not the truth, I can't accept it, I don't want it.

The abundance of everything is the truth.

Everything is planned, everything given by an all-loving God.

I just have to claim my good.

Show me the way, my God.

Say that your loved one listens to you.

Spiritually, what I need is with me, and I claim the material appearance because I need it right now.

Thank you God because you always listen to me "  

Repeat this decree three times and let the candle burn out.

For 21 days repeat the prayer three times a day. Abundance will come into your life.  

If you are not a believer use this sentence:  

“What I need is already here and everything is for my highest good.

I am a magnet for wealth and everything I ask for is granted. Thank you thank you thank you"  

You should also repeat it three times and let the candle burn out.

For 21 days repeat the prayer three times a day.  

Collect the candle scraps, cinnamon and salt and wrap everything in newspaper and throw it away from your house.

You can dispose of it in a container or a trash can.

You can also bury it if you have a garden or a large pot.  

Honey candles for the couple

Honey candles are widely used to attract love and strengthen the union of the couple.

These candles bring strength, desire and sexual passion.

Special for love moorings.

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