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    Incense Ruda SAC

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    Sandesh Agarbathi Company, ( SAC ) one of the largest incense manufacturers in India.

    Incenses made with different and varied essential oils to achieve a wide variety and a unique aroma. Each incense has a specific aroma according to its preparation and this in turn has a specific function. Many of them ignite body, environmental or spiritual energy points. Floral, fruit, mystical and religious incenses.

    Sandesh Agarbathi Company, (SAC) one of the largest incense manufacturers in India.

    Made in India.

    Presented in hexagonal boxes containing 20 rods.

    This incense lasts approximately 25 - 30 minutes, per stick.

    The aromas connect us with the innermost part of ourselves. A smell is capable of transporting us back in time to a moment in our past that we no longer remembered. In the same way, fragrances act in special ways on us. These facts are known to Humanity since the most remote times. All cultures have used scents in their religions and in the most significant acts of their lives.

    Each incense has special properties, which we must know so that, in addition to enjoying its aromas, take advantage of its characteristics to improve our lives, and have greater well-being in all aspects of our life. These are the properties of some of the best known incenses:

    Amber incense, properties: The aroma of amber incense is a powerful aphrodisiac, which acts on both men and women. Amber incense has among its properties to provide us with physical strength and increase our energy levels. It also influences our state, giving us serenity and prosperity. Eliminate many obstacles in life and provide fidelity to our love.

    Musk incense, properties: The aroma of musk incense is a powerful cleanser, physical and ethereal, it can be used in purifications.

    Aloe vera incense, properties: The aroma of aloe vera incense harmonizes the environment, whether it is your work or home. If you have had a project or topic for a long time and it has not been defined, use aloe vera incense to make it happen in a positive way.

    Benzoin incense, properties: The aroma of benzoin incense cleanses us of bad energies, charging the environments of positivism, destroying negative energies.

    Bergamot incense, properties: The aroma of bergamot incense gives us that boost that we sometimes need, it takes us out of depression, invigorating us and stimulating us on the path of self-improvement.

    Cinnamon incense, properties: The aroma of cinnamon incense clears our minds, if we are going to do a meditation and we want to be clear, cinnamon is the right incense. It also produces an increase in energy in our body, so you will not be surprised that cinnamon has a powerful aphrodisiac effect. Cinnamon also takes care of our work life, improving our economy. Attract money to our business. A little cinnamon incense is the right thing to improve our box.

    Cannabis incense, properties: Cannabis incense makes our mind more creative, this creativity improves our mood, it also makes us more relaxed.

    Carnation incense, properties: The carnation incense reinforces the knowledge and favors the initiates, it is a powerful aphrodisiac, it transmits happiness.

    Clove incense, properties: Clove incense is beneficial to our economy as it attracts money and makes our business have more customers.

    Chandan incense, properties: Chandan incense brings luck in our business, making all our business relationships to be consolidated.

    Coconut incense, properties: Coconut incense is a powerful aphrodisiac, it makes our sex more pleasant, stimulating sexual pleasure.

    Cherry incense, properties: Cherry incense produces a sweet aroma that stimulates us lovingly, its effect is magical for our love relationships.

    Eucalyptus incense, properties: Eucalyptus incense stimulates our mind and body, gives us ingenuity and intellectual acuity in times when we can be weak. The soothing effects of eucalyptus incense relieves us of ailments or discomfort of the respiratory system and allergies.

    Ginseng incense, properties: Ginseng incense strengthens us sexually and gives us vitality. The strength it gives us makes us improve in all areas, improves our work capacity.

    Natural incense , properties: the properties of natural incense are almost universal, it improves us in all areas, both the physical and spiritual world. In case of doubt, always use natural incense.

    Jasmine incense, properties: Jasmine incense makes us come out of depression, giving us an optimistic and spirited vision. The fragrance of jasmine gives us good luck in all areas of life. It favors the love of a couple and gives us that harmony that pleases us so much. Promotes mental concentration and artistic inspiration.

    Lavender incense, properties: Lavender incense frees us from fear, cleanses us and discharges us, cleanses, drives away fear. It improves our economy if we use it in our work, since it removes bad vibrations, boosting our commercial activity.

    Lemon incense, properties: Lemon incense stimulates our mind, cleanses it and gives it the freshness of youth. Lemon incense is a purifier that calms our nerves and frees us from stress. It stimulates our body, promoting health, we preserve it if we have it and we achieve it, if we do not have it. Lemon frankincense is widely used in cleanings, both at home and in the workplace. Its aroma allows us to connect with ancestral wisdom, and helps us to bring our projects to fruition.

    Lotus incense, properties: The incense of the lotus flower is a provider, it makes abundance come to us, mainly through business. Its action drives away depression and strengthens our spirits.

    Honeysuckle incense, properties: Honeysuckle incense has many magical uses, it is used especially in cases of economic problems. It is also very useful for people who want to lose weight.

    Apple incense, properties: Apple incense strengthens our health, both physically and mentally. It protects us from physical pain, and guarantees our well-being and joy.

    Mandarin incense, properties: Mandarin incense facilitates our loving harmony, reinforcing love.

    Magnolia incense, properties: Magnolia incense acts on our mind, guaranteeing our mental health and facilitating mental activity. It also has a great positive influence on spiritual development. With magnolia incense we can overcome family and emotional problems in general, and also those generated by work situations.

    Peppermint incense, properties: The mint incense strengthens us and drives away inner loneliness. It is a powerful purifier, its use in loaded environments makes them clean in all aspects.

    Myrrh incense, properties: Myrrh incense is a powerful protector, it protects us from any type of harm or evil that we may receive. It is widely used in meditation, favoring its depth and spiritual use. It is a great cleaner, both for people and rooms, whether at home or at work. In rituals of all kinds it is very useful, since it enhances any type of magical ritual. It is a great protector against the evil eye and magical works that can protect us. It also dispels negative energies and frees us from evil spirits and harmful influences.

    Musk incense, properties: The aroma of musk incense is a great aphrodisiac. It also gives us luck and fortune. It favors our relationships and our activities, personal and professional.

    Opium incense, properties: The aroma of opium incense favors the formation and strengthening of couples. It is also used to ward off loneliness.

    Patchouli incense, properties: The scent of patchouli attracts abundance and prosperity to our life. If we enjoy it in the morning we will notice its energy, which we can use all day, if we use it at night we will enjoy its aphrodisiac properties.

    Pine incense, properties: Pine incense purifies the environment and gives it its characteristic freshness. It is a great cleaner. Charge the environment with positive energy.

    Red rose incense, properties: Red rose incense increases our inner peace, favors love, and also sex, since it has aphrodisiac effects. It is used to relieve women of some sexual problems, it also solves cases of psychological impotence in men. It makes us all, men and women, feel attractive. It also alleviates domestic disputes.

    White rose incense, properties: White rose incense stimulates family love in our home. It also gives us emotional harmony and in our partner.

    Yellow rose incense, properties: The yellow rose incense frees us from sorrows and sad memories. It helps us overcome the sorrows caused by love and heartbreak.

    Rosemary incense, properties: Rosemary incense destroys hexes, which is why it is used in cleaning and for protection, both for houses and for people. It is used in any type of ritual as it reinforces the magical properties. It gives us security in ourselves. It also attracts luck and fortune. It attracts love, so it is used to strengthen couples. It improves our mind and our memory, which is why it is widely used by students.

    Ruda incense, properties: Rue incense produces relaxation, it also strengthens our psychic powers and our mental capacity. It is very useful against insomnia, promoting our restful sleep if necessary.

    Sandalwood incense, properties: Sandalwood incense relaxes our body and calms our mind, promoting our inner peace. It attracts luck and fortune to our life. It makes our perseverance pay off, and that we finally achieve success. The scent of sandalwood is excellent for meditation and relaxation.

    Thyme incense, properties: Thyme incense makes us achieve a peaceful sleep, which repairs us from all the physical and psychological fatigue of the day. Thyme incense also stimulates mental positivity, which will help us achieve our goals.

    Vanilla incense, properties: Vanilla incense gives us its aroma, which will promote seduction and love. It is also a great aphrodisiac. The scent of vanilla activates our senses and revitalizes our body. It is widely used for moments of great physical wear, or to recover from efforts. It favors magical rituals and grants them greater power.

    Violet incense, properties: The violet incense makes our partner long-lasting, filing the small rough edges that may arise. The scent of violet is also used in relaxation, and makes it very deep. Relieves us of fatigue and stress.

    Ylang-ylang incense, properties: Ylang-ylang incense calms our nerves and frees us from mental tensions, favors our relaxation

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